Written by Jeroen

As you might have noticed, not much has been published since last year. This has little to do with the pandemic or lock-down. Essentially the team was disbanded due to a change of Experience Center strategy and also because a number of people left the organization.


Picture of the physical game that we keep in the makerspace as inspiration

Written by Ludy, Wouter & Jeroen

Connect4 series

Can we create an artificial brain (using Machine Learning) that can play the optimal strategy for the game Connect4? …

New card for WhoIsWho part of the application

Written by Jeroen

To avoid confusion in the future, the Face Recognition service for events will be renamed NoKnox. You do not have to knock, the door is opened automatically.

Several names were in the running before we decided on NoKnox (pronounced no-nox).

The entire codebase and URL will be changed the coming weeks to make the change.

Written by Jeroen

Screen captured during testing

Face recognition series

In a previous post I wrote about the Doorman application. In that post I promised to get back with some details on how it worked. However, several requests for the application later, the Doorman has been completely redesigned and recoded.

The original iteration consisted of two python…

Written by Alex

Panel discussion the the Value of Bitcoin Conference featuring Peter McCormack, Dan Held, Michel Rauchs and Alex de Vries

When you have been labeled an enemy of Bitcoin, you don’t expect to find yourself giving a speech at a Bitcoin conference. Yet, on June 3, 2019, I found myself in the middle of the lion’s den at the Value of Bitcoin conference in Munich. And interestingly…

Written by Jeroen

Selfie (left) and rendered image (right) — top image is the piece of art used.

Selfie2art series

In late 2017 we received a request from a colleague on whether we could rebuild a showcase he had seen at an event. This showcase took a picture of you and transformed that photo into a painting that mimicked the style of a reference art piece.


Emerging technologies & challenges

Thoughts about emerging technologies and some of the challenges related to them. The technology itself usually is not the problem (or the solution).

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